Research Thrusts

  • Scalable

    Scalable Nanomanufacturing

    This research thrusts focus on Scalable Nanomanufacturing methods to fabricate and assemble nanoscale materials into various forms, with an emphasis on materials for energy conversion and storage, and sensing.

  • Additive

    Additive Manufacturing

    The goal of this research thrust is to develop an additive manufacturing method to process nanocrystals from nanoscale to mesoscale, together with a hierarchical approach to engineer surfaces and interfaces in the printing process.

  • Metrology Research

    Metrology and Instrumentation

    we focus on new thermal based metrology that can map local thermal and thermoelectric properties with nanoscale to microscale spatial resolution.

  • Sustainable energy and sensor systems

    Sustainable Energy and Sensor Systems

    This research thrusts aims to translate the basic science discoveries into new and impactful technologies to increase energy efficiency, reduce emission and improve our living standard.