Sustainable Energy and Sensor Systems

AMEL research translates basic science discoveries into impactful technologies to improve energy and sustainability

Research Approach

Sustainable energy and sensor systems play vital role in a fast evolving world and impact every aspect of our life involving transportation, industry, building, etc. This research thrusts aims to translate the basic science discoveries into new and impactful technologies to increase energy efficiency, reduce emission and improve our living standard. We are passionate about collaborations across the boundaries of disciplines and business sectors to realize technology breakthroughs that can be eventually made into tangible products with a strong positive impact to our society.

Ongoing project:

DOE: Nanostructured bulk thermoelectric generator for efficient power harvesting for self-powered sensor networks

DOE: In-pile sensors and instrumentation for advanced nuclear power plants (In collaboration with Idaho National Lab)

DOE: 3-D Chemo-Mechanical Degradation State Monitoring, Diagnostics and Prognostics of Corrosion Processes in Nuclear Power Plant Secondary Piping Structures (In collaboration with University of Vanderbilt)