Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing and photonic sintering methods to transform nanoparticle inks into integrated systems for energy conversion and sensing

Research Project

Colloidal nanocrystals have been widely studied and proven to have unique and superior properties compared to their bulk form. However, there is still a prominent need to convert the nanocrystals into useful form in a scalable and low cost manufacturing process and to understand their structure and property evolutions from nanoscale to meso- or macro- scale. The goal of this research thrust is to develop an additive manufacturing method to process nanocrystals from nanoscale to mesoscale, together with a hierarchical approach to engineer surfaces and interfaces in the printing process. This research provides a highly scalable, low-cost and versatile manufacturing process to transform nanocrystals into high-performance multifunctional devices with broad applications including thermoelectrics, electronics, sensors, and others.

Ongoing projects:

NSF Career: Printing and interface engineering of colloidal nanocrystals for flexible thermoelectrics and electronics
DOE: Additive manufacturing of thermal sensors for in-pile thermal conductivity measurement